49 Modern Teen Girl Bedrooms That Wow

If you have teenage daughters, this roundup is right what you need because we’ve gathered the coolest teenage girl bedroom ideas from around the web! Decorating a teenage bedroom may be rather tricky: there should be several zones like studying and sleeping, and you should keep in mind that this is a room not for a child and not for an adult yet, so there should be a compromise between both. Interested how to do that with style? Look below!

Bold colors are great for designing such a room, just be careful not to use too much. If your daughter wants something more neutral, try pastels or maybe Scandinavian style with a neutral color palette. Som gals would love a popular combo of black or grey, white and pink, others would prefer lilac and purple accents or a gender neutral room – ask your child what she wants, this is the most important.

Think of separating the zones of the room if it’s possible and building in some practical furniture and lights to save more space. Don’t forget that making the room catchy, playful and even whimsy is a must because teens love everything cool and outstanding.

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You can do that with quirky furniture designs, with catchy lamps and chandeliers or amazing gallery walls and accessories, which can be created and added by your kid, ask her to take pat in the design and decor of the room and the result will be perfect. 

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