50 Amazing Tropical Bathroom Décor Ideas

If you love hot tropical locations, if you enjoy vacations there or even live there, you can bring those vibes to your home ,too. What about having a tropical inspired bathroom? A tropical bathroom provides a spa-like experience and to create such an interior in your bathroom you needn’t much – sometimes just a few touches are enough to create a mood.

A tropical bathroom can be any: neutral, colorful, moody and so on. The colors that are most often used in such a space are emerald, pink, fuchsia, gold and black, you can go with various shades of them adding what you like. A tropical bathroom can be modern, vintage, glam, retro, contemporary and even minimalist, it’s totally up to you, what style you take. 

If you can’t make an outdoor bathroom with lots of greenery around, you can always use green mosaic tiles, bamboo, stone bathroom appliances and green plants in pots everywhere you like. Have a look at some examples: photo wallpaper with plants, mostly tropical ones, and tropical leaves, too, bamboo framed mirrors and pebbles under the bathtub help to turn your bathroom into a spa! 

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The bathtub itself can be ultra-modern, oval or square, or you can highlight the space with a vintage clawfoot tub in pink, black or copper. Glass shower cabins and amazing views around would make you relax and enjoy bathing experience. Gold and brass elements will bring chic, and stone carved sinks and tubs will make your space feel more natural and even wild. Pink and printed textiles are my favorites: they are easy to add and can highlight the space easily. Neon signs and tropical plant installations and decorations will make your space more modern. Have a look at some ideas below and get inspired!

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