50 Ways to Leave Your Old Home Decor Ideas Behind

After weeks spent at home, it’s no wonder that many people want to freshen up their living spaces with new home decor ideas. Changes big and small may be in order if you find that you’re not entirely pleased with your current arrangement.

Maybe a concentrated chunk of spent in the house showed that some areas aren’t as efficient as you might like or that some of your home decor ideas have become outdated and you need a few trendier elements. Whatever the reason, now’s the time to make changes, whether that means shopping from the things you already have at home and rearranging them or going out to make some targeted purchases. In case you need a little inspo, we’ve rounded up these great home decor ideas.

You might be thinking “I’ve heard this one a million times” but adding live plants to your home decor isn’t limited to the traditional route of plants in pots seat on the floor or a table. The key to creating a more interesting arrangement is to think outside the box when it comes to plants. There are so many options: Wall plant holders, hanging plant holders, green walls, framed planters, and more. This bedroom lighting arrangement shows just one unique home decor idea for incorporating plants.

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