51 Smart Beds With Storage Space

We often face the problem of lack of space, in every room and space. Today’s roundup is going to help those of you who have small bedrooms and no place for storing. A bed with storage can solve this problem and still look good and not spoil your bedroom. Need some ideas? We have plenty!

The most popular idea is platform beds with drawers inside that are right what you need to store some things; there are also open storage compartment, and these can be finished with crates or other compartments if you want a more closed solution. 

Another idea is a raising bed with a storage space under it, without any drawers but still very comfy in using, and its main advantage is everything stored is completely hidden and the room looks sleek and uncluttered. There are amazing beds with headboards for storage – drawers or a pegboard for hanging something. You can combine all these solutions in one bed or keep just some, look at the amazing ideas below and decide, which is the best one!

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