52 Charming Shabby Chic Kitchens You’ll Love

Shabby chic style is so charming, so beautiful and so cute! I think it’s rather girlish, too, so if you are going to decorate a feminine home, this style is perfect. Today I’ve rounded up some amazing shabby chic kitchens, and believe me, they won’t leave you indifferent!

Go for light and pastel colors for décor as shabby chic means sweet and a bit worn vintage. All-white will be a great solution, which can be warmed up with some florals. Dark shades arne’t about shabby chic style but you may add some touches for more drama. As for other styles you can pair shabby chic with, these can be vintage, farmhouse and rustic, these three will be a great combo with shabby chic. 

Create your own shabby chic kitchen furniture – just take some vintage furniture, paint and sand it, and you’ll get a unique and personalized kitchen. What colors of paint to choose? White, neutrals or pastels to perfectly fit your space, stained furniture won’t give that shabby chic feel.

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Floral textiles and just sweet pastel ones are right what you need to finish the kitchen décor. Bring some potted blooms and greenery to enliven the space and hang a crystal chandelier of your choice. Enjoy and get inspired!

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