52 Tender White Thanksgiving Décor Ideas

White Thanksgiving décor is very tender and there are many variations of styles to use. Traditional Thanksgiving in white is fantastic! It’s like a white fairy-tale, full of coziness, love and joy of gathering together. A naturally decorated table with a white table runnerT, white candles and pumpkins is ideal and very simple to create.

Rustic white décor is typical for Thanksgiving and very beautiful – some wood slices and vegetables are cool in this case, too, and will help you create a beautiful and very chic look. White glam décor with pumpkins decorated with pearls and white flowers is very beautiful. Pair up white with neutrals like taupe or grey or go for gold or silver for a more glam feel. Add some white linens for a table and some white blankets and pillows for other spaces and voila – a beautiful white fall fairy-tale is ready! Look for some more pretty ideas below and get inspired!

White color is very sweet and exquisite, it’s classical and suitable for many occasions. Despite of that, it’s not a usual color for fall decor as it’s usually done in bright shades but why not try what’s new and achieve a unique look that nobody expects?

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