53 Peaceful Yet Lively Scandinavian Spring Décor Ideas

Spring has come, and everything is bursting with pastels and bold colors and patterns. If you don’t want anything of that kind but are looking for something quiet and laconic, go for Scandinavian spring décor. 

Black, grey and white are traditional for this style, and you can enliven them with fresh greenery and flowers – potted or cut but don’t be excessive with them as Scandinavian design means being simple and laconic. Pastels are also amazing for Scandi décor, especially if you go for serenity or rose quartz, for light blues or even lilac that will enliven the traditional color scheme. 

Think candles, chic and simple metal or concrete candleholders, sheer glass vases with blooming branches and of course Easter trees of branches with feathers, blooms and fake eggs – just for fun! If you feel like rustic Scandinavian decor or vintage, incorporate woven trays, spring macrame hangings, mercury glass candleholders and even galvanized buckets with blooms. Include wooden decor or elements like candleholders or vases to add warmth to decor, and if you want a long-lasting decoration, stick to faux blooms or greenery or prefer potted pieces. Look how to rock Nordic spring decor below!

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