54 Cozy Chalet Kitchen Designs To Get Inspired

Chalets are wonderful and many of us dream of having such a holiday home – or maybe just live there all the time. Those fantastic wooden and stone homes are extremely cozy, full of comfort and warmth while it’s cold outside. In case you already have one or planning to create such an interior, we’d like to tell you about amazingly cozy chalet kitchens.

Traditionally chalets are made using wood and stone, the interiors are modern or traditional and very natural-looking. You can also find minimalist chalet spaces today – these are rustic spaces done with ultra-minimalist aesthetics, and such a combo looks very unusual as these styles are usually opposite.

The same can be said about kitchen designs in chalets – wood, rough stone, wooden beams, wooden and stone kitchen surfaces. You can also find not rough stone and wood but very sleek wood and plywood or MDF and concrete countertops or even glass ones for minimal chic. Wood or MDF is usually the main material used in such spaces and its grain, color and texture will decide what ambience and feel your kitchen will have. Pay attention to the hood, especially if it’s a vintage space, take it of wood or metal. A hearth or a fireplace would give special charm to the space; uniting kitchen and living room in one is also a good idea as the chalet would look more spacious. Look at the cool examples below and get inspired!

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