56 Awesome Mini Ponds To Complete Your Outdoor Décor

Water is the source of life, it’s so refreshing and so natural in every space! Backyard ponds, fountains and other water bodies can enliven your patio or garden easily. If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a pond or you consider making it too difficult, we offer you to decorate your outdoor space with a mini pond. This is an amazing idea for any outdoors, including a front porch or a terrace – it’ll take just little space!

The easiest way to make it is to use a container as a base for a pond, and then you can place whatever you like: water plants, flowers, rocks, pebbles, colorful balls, even fish or toads. What container can you use? Literally anything that you have at hand: an oversized planter, a galvanized tank, a plastic container or even a large bowl, it all depends on the size of the pond you want. If you wanna make a statement with it, go for a bright color on the outside – paint the planter in some bright color. But keep in mind – if your container is going to be visible, it should somehow correspond with the outdoor decor your have.

If the container doesn’t fit at all or if you want something more natural-looking, you can hide the pond in the ground for a more natural look, or redecorate it as if it’s antique, or just leave as it is. Add a fountain or a waterfall if it fits or focus on having a water garden with several beautiful plants and rocks inside. Get inspired by the examples below!

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