57 Unique And Creative Table Lamp Designs

Table lamps can be not just a lighting accessory but also a very original piece for any décor. These lamps below will prove that to you! Whether you want to accent the chosen decor style, or contrast it creating an eclectic space, or even make a statement with your lamp – these items are great for doing all that. 

For a luxury classical interior choose a black and gold lamp with an engraving or an exquisite Murano glass lamp. A lamp with tea cups is a perfect variant for a dining room and it will give a slight whimsical touch reminding of Alice in Wonderland. For nature lovers there are lamps with planters or lamps with pebbles in the base – they look so Zen! If you are looking for something unusual, then take a lamp imitating a cactus or a balloon lamp. 

There are many more ideas – rough industrial ones, animal and human shaped ones, super hero inspired ones, with various inserts like feathers or agates – there’s something for every taste! Scroll down to enjoy some more fantastic table lamps and choose yours! 

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