59 Cool Sea And Beach-Inspired Patios

In summer we all want to go to the beach, to the seaside but if you don’t have holidays you can have a beach right near your window! Create a beach-inspired patio or if you have a holiday house, just make a patio there.

Choose a style and a colour scheme for the patio – it can be modern, contemporary, Scandinavian or rustic or any other that inspires you. Rattan, wicker or wooden furniture, some sunroof or a tent, comfortable chairs or loungers and a coffee table – these are the most important pieces for a comfortable lounge and if you have enough space, make a dining zone with a dining set.

Don’t forget to light up space with candle lanterns and add pillows and blankets for a cozy feel. Add sea décor pieces like corals, shells and starfish on the tables, shell garlands and sea-style lanterns – these accessories would create an atmosphere. A wooden deck and driftwood pieces would highlight the style. Look at some more examples below and enjoy!

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