59 Cutest Shared Nurseries For Boys And Girls

Today’s roundup is made up especially for the parents of twins – a boy and a girl, we are sharing some ideas to design a cool nursery for them. Designing a shared nursery for both sexes may be a bit tricky but you can go two ways: design a gender neutral nursery or make a shared room for two creating a boy and a girl space. Let’s take a look at both options.

If you want two different zones, make something common for both and then divide the spaces using different colors, for example, pink for the girl and blue for the boy. It’s easy to do with linens, for example, you can design a gender neutral room and then divide it highlighting each sleeping space with blue or pink bedding and rugs. You may also add two different accent walls to accent the boy and the girl zone in the nursery or even divide them with a room divider if there’s enough space – this way you’ll be able to pull off various gender-depending themes like a princess and a prince room and so on. 

Gender neutral nurseries are pretty easy to make: go for neutral shades and toys and decorations that can suit both kids. Use gender neutral colors like green, neutrals, grey, yellow, turquoise or even go for a multi-colorful nursery in all the vibrant shades and prints – it depends on the theme and style of the nursery that you’ve chosen.

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Keep in mind that gender-connected themes like a princess castle and others will look weird in a gender neutral room and you’d better choose something more casual like desert, woodland, modern and so on. Get a dose of inspiration below! 

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