66 Awesome Faux Pumpkin Ideas For Fall Home Décor

Not only natural pumpkins but also faux ones can be a perfect fall decoration, and they are much more durable, which makes them perfect for decorating your outdoor spaces, though indoor ones, too. How to decorate them and then display them right?

Buy a couple of faux pumpkins in the shop and go decorate them with studs, paints, stickers and so on. My faves are fabric and fur pieces with cute feathers and beads – they look so cozy and glam! Rock various stencils, various colors you like, decoupage, splatter and so on – it depends on you and the style of the space plus its colors.

You can also craft a faux pumpkin of some materials at hand – fabric, fur, metal, cardboard, wood, you can knit or crochet it. Wooden and styrofoam pumpkins can withstand any weather conditions, so they are ideal for porch décor.

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How to display your pieces? That’s easy, you may stack them somewhere, put them into bowls, baskets and on trays, put them on the steps and into fireplaces, on windowsills and mantels – the possibilities are endless. If you’ve made a lantern of a faux pumpkin, you may also place it anywhere, both indoors and outdoors and make it fall-like.

Create gorgeous centerpieces and just decorations of faux pumpkins, wheat, pinecones, acorns, berries and stuff like that for a rustic feel or go super modern and refined with velvet pumpkins and a couple of candles – they will add a decadent feel. Get more creative ideas below and make your fall décor original!

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