67 Inviting Kitchen Designs With Exposed Wooden Beams

Exposed wooden beams are what gives any space a character, and if they are restored ones, it’s even history. I love kitchens with wooden beams because they look dreamy and just amazing, they help you create a real heart of any home, where everyone would gather.

Beams can suit any décor style – farmhouse, rustic, modern, minimalist, glam, masculine or feminine, art déco and so on, they perfectly fit any kitchen. If your kitchen is farmhouse or rustic, they will look cohesive and will highlight the style, if it’s minimalist or art deco, they will contrast the style and stand out.

Besides, they can be easily integrated into any colour scheme, from a very light to a very dark one, and you may find a proper shade of stain to match. Wooden beams can also add texture if they are rough, and your kitchen will turn more eye-catchy and interesting.

I also love the idea of vertical beams or pillars as they continue décor and help you dividing zones, for example, separate cooking and eating spaces. Look at the beautiful ideas below and I’m sure, you’ll feel inspired!

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