77 Romantic And Tender Feminine Bedroom Design Ideas

It’s girls’ time! Now is the most feminine time ever and if you want to change your life, start with your interior! Today we’ll tell you about feminine bedrooms and the best ideas to decorate them.

The most common styles for a feminine space are vintage, shabby chic and glam but even if you prefer minimalism or Asian zen, there are many ways to make your bedroom feminine anyway. Bright splashes of colour, floral patterns, gold or silver covers, beautiful fluent silhouettes would make your bedroom look like that.

A feminine bedroom isn’t necessarily pink, red or blue – choose any colour from black and white to pearl grey and lilac, sometimes just a couple of bright accents will create a girlish feel – fuchsia, hot pink, purple or red are right what you need.

Choose furniture and decor according to the style and colours you prefer and if you want, you may add a girlish feel to space with them, too. A refined vintage couch in lilac, beautiful artwork or some floral decor, a bed with a canopy and a gorgeous crystal chandelier are right what you need for a proper mood. Add feminine accessories and enjoy the bedroom of your dream!

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