80 Breathtakingly Blue Bedroom Wall Designs for Inspiration


When you’ve chosen the colour blue for your bedroom, it goes beyond just painting the walls in a particular tone. You’ve also got to take your windows, bed, dresser, and other furniture pieces into account. It might not be easy to determine the best style for this colour that suits you. That’s why you can start getting your ideas from many incredible examples online. Below are 20 blue bedroom wall designs that are among the most popular on Pinterest. These photos can help open your eyes and imagination to what your sleeping chamber can become.

Brings Out the Bed

This room shows that you don’t have to paint all four of your walls blue to make an impact. The deep shade of this hue helps to accentuate the bed. If it were a white wall, the bedding would blend into the background.

Complementary Colors

This photo is one of the pins that also comes with a colour palette on the bottom. If you’re painting your wall blue, you’ll have a better idea of which furniture and decorations to add based on colour. The room in this picture says calm and contemporary.


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