84 Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas That Excite


Many parents today make a choice not to know the baby gender before they see him or her. If you are one of them or maybe expecting twins – a boy and a girl – you’ll have to decorate the nursery in gender neutral style. Need some tips?

First of all, go for a neutral color scheme: grey, nude, white, or, if you want some bold pops, turquoise, yellow, green or all of them together, this is perfect both for boys and girls. Don’t use girlish or boyish patterns and decorations – keep it simple and serene, so that your baby felt here amazing. As for styles, there are all kinds of styles available, from rustic to boho or minimalist, they can be all done gender neutral and calm.

Pick furniture pieces, decor and accessories in the chosen style and colors, you will easily find gender neutral pieces, just avoid that too girlish or too boyish decor. Choosing toys don’t concentrate on dolls or toy cars, choose stuffed and other toys that fit any gender. Look how to decorate such a nursery with style below!

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