85 Mid Century Modern Dining Room Ideas That Make Meals a Celebration


We’re all eating at home a lot more than we have in the past, so a dining room that is both easy to care for and enjoyable to live in is critical to keeping the household happy. If your table is doing double duty, you may need to update the space to allow for both study and eating. Finally, you’ll want to define the space without damaging the flow of your home.

Accent Wall of Travel Goals

Consider a bold accent wall of lush green to pop the paintings and posters of travel goals, or whatever thematic images you enjoy. A simple table with comfy chairs and a washable rug means your dining space can dress up or down to suit your needs.

Team Up with Color

Your open concept house can easily be divided into spaces with colors unique to each area. The fun orange chairs pair well with the cream and orange rug, and the silver plant accent stands out against the orange and brown crock. Together, this dining set is a perfect island of great food, good friends and amazing conversation.

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Cozy and Classic

The fireplace in this image adds warmth and coziness to an elegant and thoroughly modern table and chairs. The marble topped table could easily move from “coffee and newspaper” to “dinner by candlelight” and this room would only sparkle a bit more. The pitchers and accent plants tie the old to the new, as does the white hanging lamp.

A Natural Oasis

This kitchen and dining space combo is joined by a pretty blue floor and a rust colored ceiling, so the wooden table and simple chairs provide an oasis of natural color. The tripod design of the table legs and the straightforward chairs allow this bright and beautiful space to maintain a minimalist feel with maximum color punch.

Quirky Elegance

Burgundy is a lush color for cushions and these stand out magnificently against the buttery cream wire mesh of the chair frames. Lemons resting gently in the hand sculpture on the glass table draw the eye to the yellow floor treatment. A rich slotted ceiling and unique white floor make this dining set the focal point of the space.


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