25 Ways To Style A Non-Working Fireplace

Have a non-working fireplace? No problem, you can still use it and make the best of it! We’ve gathered some creative ways to use it, take a look and get inspired.

Logs are perhaps the most popular idea for a non-working fireplace, they bring a rustic and very cozy feel to your space. The logs can be natural or faux, painted, stained or not – it depends on the style of your space and fireplace, too. Can’t fill your fireplace with logs? Make a log screen and voila!

Plants can be placed inside your non-working fireplace, who needs a stand when you can put your plants into a fireplace? Create a beautiful arrangement of plants in various planters and put it inside a fireplace, enjoy the beautiful look you got! You may also put some on the mantel, too, and make it your own little oasis.

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