Scam or Legit | Everything You Need to Know

What is is a platform which claims to pay its users some return on investment depending on the amount deposited on the platform. You earn 10% of your investment in the platform. Minimum withdrawal/deposit is both #200. You can withdraw anytime once you have up to #200 or above in your account.

Is legit or scam

Many money making online platforms is rampant now. Some of which turn out to be complete scam, some pay abinitio and crash later, while few are actually legit.

So i’ll make few clarifications on how this new site ( works.

Earning structures on

1.] Through investment: Here you earn some commission daily depending on the amount you invested, you earn 10% daily of any amount you deposit in the platform. The minimum investment in the platform is #200.

The platform doesn’t have fixed investment plans like most site do, so you can deposit any amount you wish to invest and earn 10% of it daily. Assuming you deposit #1000, you will be earning #100 daily.

But be very careful in every investment platform, don’t make a deposit of what you can’t afford to loose.

2.] Through Referral: You earn some commission for every successful referral.

1.] Invite more friends to join the platform, you will get more and can form your own team.


 2.] (1) The friends you directly invite belong to your first-level team members,

(2) Those invited by first-level members belong to your second-level team members,

(3) Friends invited by the second-level team belong to your third-level team members.


 3.] (1) You can earn 5% of the total commission of your first-level team members,

(2) 10% of the total commission of secondary team members,

(3) 30% of the total commission of the third-level team members.

How to withdraw

Minimum withdrawal is #200, and is paid via bank transfer after binding your accurate bank account details on the platform. Withdrawal doesn’t have fixed date or time, you can withdraw anyday/time.

How to sign up

Sign up by clicking the link below;

After you register and recharge to become a member, you can get commissions by participating in the platform to mine gold coins. It is very simple.

There will be a task progress bar on the platform. After you click start, the system will automatically mine in-game coins. During the task, you can mine automatically without being on the platform interface.
After the time is two hours, the gold coins will be automatically converted into your commission to your platform account.

Is legit?

It can’t be tagged legit or scam as at now but time will tell.

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