Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpieces For Table Decor

Now this is a design the you can use to create a Bountiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. This is my first Thanksgiving Centerpieces idea.

Now what you need to do first is Gather Your Supplies. It’s easy to create bountiful, Thanksgiving centerpiece. This is low enough to placed in the center of your table for Thanksgiving without blocking conversation.

Or you could place it in the middle of a holiday buffet table. You first step for your centerpieces is to gather your supplies that you are going to need 3 dozen chestnuts, 1 pomegranate, A large cutting board, 1 dozen tangerines, and 3 medium winter squash.

Your second step is for you to place the squash. Just arrange the winter squash and the pomegranates on the cutting board. Then your third step is to add the tangerines. You can distribute the tangerines around the winter squash and the pomegranates.

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Your fourth step is for you to add the chestnuts. Just scatter the chestnuts around the pomegranate, squash and tangerines. You can just sit back and admire your centerpiece. Just place your centerpiece in the center of your dinner table or buffet, Then just sit back and enjoy the compliments that you will get.

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