Building Team in Construction Industry

Building project as a whole is made up of many fragmented units with different professionals performing different functions because of the diversity and complexity involved in building operation. They share some sort of feedback relationship because the work of each professional group is depended or related to the other; and are classified and explained as follows:

1. Owner or Developer

In business term, this is known as the client and may be an individual or group of person, local authority, Government or in general anybody recognized as a legal entity. The client engages the services of a designer which is usually an architect to carry out his wishes. On upon the recommendation of tender by the architect or surveyor can sign a contract with a contractor.

2. Architect

This is the man who in front of law has full right to act as design procedure by interpreting the client’s requirement into specific design and generally take over the task of seeing that they are carried to a logical conclusion. Right from take-off of the project he is responsible to act and supervise on behalf of the client. He can appoint clerk of works for the owner whose main responsibility is to ensure compliance with design and material specification.

3. Structural Engineers

The engineer carries out structural analysis and design of every member of building part depending on scope and complexity. They are usually private consultant commissioned by the client or Architect for the project.

4. Mechanical and Electrical Engineer (M&E)

The engineer is responsible for the design of electrical and mechanical services. The design should be completed with details and specification that are readily interpreted by the contractor. They are also private consultants.

5. Quantity Surveyor (QS)

The QS carry out quantities of all item of work along with cost implication. They prepare the bill of quantity (BOQ) used in tendering by interested contractors. They can be engaged by both the client and contractor depending on the scope of work.

6. Contractor

The contractor carries out interpretation and turns the architect design into reality. They can engage the services of subcontractor and specialist to contribute to the successful execution of the project.


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Building Team in Construction Industry


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