How to Calculate The Total Bags of Cement for a Unit Area of Plastering

As a Civil Engineer on site, you should be able to know the amount of cement require for plastering a Particular Area covered.

Knowing this will prevent you from running loss. I will explain to you how to calculate the amount of cement require for plastering

We use the following mix ratio below for plastering

Wall plastering = 1:6
Ceiling plastering = 1:4
External wall plastering = 1:4
Internal wall plastering = 1:5
Repair wall plastering = 1:3

All in {Cement : Sand}

Plastering range i.e. thickness = 12mm – 15mm
12mm/1000 = 0.012m
Calculating bags of cement require for 100m²
Volume of plastering = 100m² * 0.012m
= 1.2m³

Using mix ratio 1:6
Total ratio = 7
Cement ratio = 1/7
= 0.143
1.2m3 * 0.143 = 0.171m³
Addition of bulk moisture 35%
0.35 * 0.171m³ = 0.06m³
Addition of waste 20%
0.20 * 0.171m³ = 0.034m³

Total = 0.171m³ + 0.06m³ + 0.034m³
= 0.265m³
1 bag of cement (density) = 1440kg/m³
Weight of cement = 50kg
= 50/1440 = 0.0347m³
No. of bags of cement = 0.265/0.0347
= 7.67bags

100m² area covered = 7.67 bags
Xm² area covered = 1 bag

1 bag of cement will cover 13.04m² Area

Now assuming 50m² area is require to be plaster on site. Calculating the amount of cement to be use will be.

13.04m² area covered = 1 bags
50m² area covered = X bag

X = 3.83bags

3.83 bags of cement will be require to plaster 50m² Area.


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Calculating Total Bags of Cement Require for a Unit Area of Plastering

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