Cool Painting Ideas That Turn Walls And Ceilings Into A Statement

We think of walls as blank canvases waiting to be filled with colour to come alive. How would you make that happen? And forget for a second the usual approaches.

Cool painting ideas can come from the most unexpected and simple places so keep your mind open. If you want your walls to look cool and outstanding, you need more than just a single accent colour or a roll of painter’s tape.

The different types of paint

If you’re to paint a wall or a ceiling, you need to be properly equipped for the job. That includes knowing which type of paint to choose. There are quite a few different options based on a series of different criteria. We’ll go over them shortly.

Oil-based paint

These paints are a good choice if you’re trying to cover up a stained surface because they have better surface penetration and better adhesion. They’re durable and water-resistant and less expensive than other types. Oil-based paints are reliable and last for a very long time. They’re also great for trims. The downside of using them however is that they take very long to dry, up to 24 hours which can be a big inconvenience in some cases.

Water-based paint

This type of paint presents a series of advantages compared to oil-based paints. For example, they dry quicker, they have less of an odour and they’re easier to clean. That makes them an excellent choice for interior walls. Water-based paint, however, is not as resilient as the oil-based kind and doesn’t last as long. However, they’re still great and if you plan on repainting the walls in a few years anyway there’s no inconvenience.
Because water-based paint dries quickly you can apply several coats in the same day and thus finish your project a lot quicker. It’s also very convenient because you can clean it with only soap and water. It doesn’t give off noxious fumes either. Of course, there’s also a bit of a downside to this and it’s the fact that water-based paints are more costly compared to the oil-based kind.

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Latex-based paint

This is a type of paint usually used for exterior walls and surfaces. It offers a big advantage in the fact that it doesn’t fade in the sunlight. It’s also easy to apply and it dries quickly similarly to regular water-based paint. What also makes it a suitable choice for the exterior is the fact is can expand and contract without trapping moisture inside and that in turn makes it resilient and long-lasting.
It’s possible for some latex-based paints to also be water-based but that’s not always the case. Both types are user-friendly and easy to clean with soap and water.

Flat paint

Based on sheen type, we can distinguish between a variety of different types of paint. The kind that gives you a flat finish is not particularly suitable for areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom because it’s not as easy to clean as other types. If however, you want a finish that looks more sophisticated, this one fits the description.
Flat paint doesn’t reflect the light so it’s a good choice if you’re trying to hide imperfections. However, it’s not very durable. In fact, it’s the least durable kind compared to the other types so use it in areas that don’t get used very often if you want it to last. Flat paint is also very inexpensive.

Matte paint

Although their similar, flat and matte paint is not the same thing. Matte paint is just a bit glossier than flat paint and is also more durable. It’s more resilient and better-suited for high traffic areas which makes it more versatile as well.

Eggshell paint

The reason why it’s called like this is that this type of paint has a low sheen like that of an eggshell. It’s durable, easier to clean compared to flat paint and it can be washed without damage. It’s glossier than matte paint but not as glossy as other types which makes a good in-between option and also makes it more refined than flat paint but still practical for covering up imperfections.

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Satin paint

The differences between satin and eggshell paint are minor as these two types are very similar to one another. Satin paint has a sheen and gives surfaces a smooth and velvety look. It’s a bit glossier than eggshell paint but not by much. You can use it in pretty much any room, including high-traffic areas like hallways. It can be easily washed and cleaned and it’s quite durable and can last for several years.

Semi-gloss paint

This type of paint is glossier than the ones mentioned previously, enough so that it doesn’t hide imperfections but actually makes them stand out even more. It’s also a type of paint that’s very durable and can be washed and even scrubbed. That makes it a great choice for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. A lot of semi-gloss paints can also stand up to moisture although it’s not always a requirement.

Gloss paint

This is the glossiest paint type on our list. It’s shiny, stain-resistant and easy to clean. You can even scrub it without doing damage which means you can use it in the kitchen, including on the backsplash. Of course, because it’s so glossy it reflects light and isn’t great on imperfect surfaces because it brings out any detail. This is also a highly durable type of paint and because it can be cleaned so easily it can last for a very long time. In terms of cost, however, this is the most expensive type of paint so it’s often only used for details and trims.

Spray paint

Spray paint is in a completely different category. It’s not the type of paint one would use on the walls unless they want to make graffiti or explore their artistic side. It’s also not the type of paint you should use indoors because of the fumes. It’s great for various makeover projects involving furniture and decorations.

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Enamel paint

This is the most rugged and tough type of paint on the list and although it can also be used indoors, it’s most generally used for exterior areas because it can withstand the elements. Inside the home, it’s used on cabinets and sometimes on appliances in order to give them a layer of protection.

Chalkboard paint

This is a very straight-forward type of paint. It’s what you can use to create a chalkboard surface. You can apply it to walls as well as other surfaces and it’s very versatile and fun to use in various areas of the house and all sorts of projects.


The primer is applied to a surface before the paint. It can be oil-based or water-based and can be used with various types of paint and multiple surfaces. Some paints already contain primer in which case this step is not necessary and you can go straight to painting the walls. The role of the primer is to seal the surface and to add a protective layer that prevents discolouration from the old paint so it doesn’t bleed through and ruin your colour. There are a few different types of primer out there and some are better at concealing than others which is useful if you want a drastic change in colour such as from dark to light for example.

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