Create a Mood in Your Mid-century Modern Bedroom That Suits Your Personality


The mid-century modern style focuses on the décor from the 1940s to the 1960s. The main features of the style are simplicity and functionality. It uses a variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic. The designs are a combination of organic and geometric shapes without ornamentation. The furniture generally has thin, round, tapered legs that lift it off the floor making it feel lighter. Most mid-century modern décor has neutral and earth-toned color schemes. Mid-century modern provides a perfect backdrop for bedrooms that create moods. Examples of mid-century modern bedrooms like the rooms below that are top pins on Pinterest show how to create moods in your bedroom that suit your personality.

Wake Up in a Sunny Mid-century Modern Bedroom

With the sun streaming in the window, this uncluttered mid-century modern bedroom will start your day fresh. The clean, simple lines of mid-century modern furniture creates a light, airy feel in your bedroom. The wood grains and earth tones ground you and create a calming beginning to your day. The round hanging lamp and the artwork with the flowing image adds to the calming effect. The rug and a popular, 1950s candlewick bedspread adds texture to the room.

Create a Visually Interesting Mid-century Modern Bedroom

The combination of the organic and geometric lines of mid-century modern furnishings create a variation of visual imagery. The angled, geometric lines of the furniture and the bed frame design blends with the organic lines of the plant leaf, table lamp base, hanging lamp, artwork, and woven basket. The predominantly white, neutral-based color scheme with touches of color creates a room with a spacious feel. The ripple pattern of the rug creates a focal point along with the bed in the room.

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A Mid-century Modern Art Gallery Bedroom

This bedroom uses the simple lines of mid-century modern furniture as a backdrop for accessories that represent the style of the mid-century modern period creating an art gallery. It causes your eye to wander around the room to explore the various treasures. Your eye is drawn to the interesting shelves above the bed. Then, it is pulled down to the animal skin throw on the bed, the animal skin rug on the floor, and the clear trunk with the oversized books at the foot of the bed. Your eye then travels from the palm tree in the foreground to the sculpture on the night stand on the left and the hanging lamp in the background.

A Mid-century Modern Boho Bedroom

Boho décor is colorful, carefree, and features unusual items. That perfectly describes this bedroom. The mid-century modern furniture in the bedroom is light and simple, so it doesn’t compete with the boho-style accessories. Color is added by the rug, the two-tone wall, the bedding, and the bits of color from the accessories. The artwork and other accessories add interest to the room.


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