Create an Easy Feature Wall With Dramatic Artwork

Ideas abound for feature walls, from tiles or textures to wallpaper and wood. Another great idea to consider is art.  No matter if it’s an expensive painting or simply a piece that you love, it can make the room special.

An artwork is a great way to draw attention to space whether it is the centrepiece of an accent wall or the sole decorative element on the wall. Homedit has visited some great art shows over the past few months and has put together a selection of some remarkable works that are great examples of art for a feature wall.

A bold and colourful piece of art is a real attention-grabber. This bold piece from Puerto Rican-born Angel Otero is large and engaging. Otero uses a technique in his cool paintings whereby he uses “oilskins” in his works. This involves directly applying thick sheets of paint or thick sheets that have already dried, in his abstract works, that are very textured.

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