Everything You Have to Know About Mansard Roof

A roof is such indispensable part in your home. It primarily functions to give your living space protection against the snow, heat and rain. Furthermore, the mansard roof is the most famous one due to its aesthetically elegant design.

In case you need any further information of the four-sided covering, just keep reading.

The Benefits of a Mansard Roof

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This mesmerizing roof style was introduced by Francois Mansart in the early 17th century. Currently, it becomes the hallmark in the other European countries.

The Mansard itself is used to describe the distinct roof which has double slope on four sides. The lower slope has steeper gradient than the upper one. While, the sides typically come in the either flat or curved. Here are the real advantages.

Save a Large Amount of Money

In the long term, it helps you reduce the costs. Because it provides the homeowners durable metal sealing and easy maintenance. The heat is well distributed in the entire space which leads to lower expenses.

Bring More Natural Light into Your Abode

Thanks to its full-length dormer windows. They let more sunlights enter the home. In addition, they infuse the rooms with bright, sunny and open atmosphere.

Get an Additional Space

When your area is limited, go vertical. Luckily, the French roof allows you to create extra space that does not occupy your ground. Even, you can include master bedroom in the future for your growing family members.

Produce Classy Look

Please note that this roof effortlessly adds the high-class and sophisticated flavor to any space. Whether your home is traditional or modern, its timeless charm will always steal the spotlight.

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Blend Nicely with Urban and Rural Buildings

The French-style roof can be an ideal choice for all homeowners no matter where they are. Interestingly, it is widely adopted in the urban areas. Because people tend to extend upwardly.

The Downsides of Mansard Roof

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Although it is packed with many advantages, the low-pitched roof also has its own disadvantages. If you want to build this architectural design facelift, do not forget to consider the factors below.

Expensive Setup

The initial installation cost of French roof is super high especially when you opt for metal shingles. Not only that, it requires longer time, more labor and materials. It totally does not fit low-cost builders.

Cannot Withstand Heavy Snowfall and Rain

If you live in the area with extreme weather, this roof is not for you. It lacks of the ability to resist the heavy snow and rain. When the rain pours down, the roof usually get soaked. Of course, the damaging process is faster.

Involve Intensive Care

Unlike the saddleback roof, it is quite vulnerable because of its flat part. This portion normally collects leaves and dirt. You have to pay more for regular maintenance for sure.

How to Structure Curb Hip Roof

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Basically, this charming roof is erected on the standing joint. Another technique is using the batten seam. Furthermore, its lower ends get hooked over the side strip for creating the drip. You can also secure them to the base flashing.

After you have the standing seam above the mansard’s top edge, you must position frying pans over a leading edge too. The seam legs are slit as you bend them.

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When done, solder the tiny copper pieces above those legs. This step aims to complete the connection.

Coping Cover

Top pan side must be folded up to follow standing batten’s elevation. After that, curve it down until ¾ of one inch. To form a drip, the cover should be hooked above it.

Roof Base

For the pan bottom side, just hook it over roof’s strip side. Normally, the width of the strip is not more than 4 inches.

Gravel Stops

Generally, the frying pan’s leading edges feature gravel stops. You only need to fold them up to the pan’s edges.

How to Construct a Low-Pitched Roof

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Thorough Planning

Before the transformation, you should ask for the professional help. You will learn about the right materials, technical rules, construction workers, and insurance.

Site Preparation

Choose the awesome area for your building. Place all the materials in accessible section. Cover the growing plants, materials tools with tarpaulins. Stow luxurious materials in the secure storage.

Rafter Placement

First thing first, all the workers must wear safety glasses, gloves, and hard hats. Then, the normal rafters are fixed to the ridge board using nails and uplift the ridge. Make sure birdsmouth joints are on the plane. With the help of nails, put the rafters into their places.

Common Rafters

Nail the remaining rafters into the right area. In this case, their motions must be limited.

Sheating and Ceiling Beams

Secure the beams using the nails to prevent them from loosing. Cover the ceiling area with the sheating.

Upper Expansion

The ridge board’s boundaries house the upright rafters. You also have to employ vertical rafters on the structure’s outer side.

Shingling and Sheating

Before getting through the sheating process, use the fascia and collar ties for the roof part. Attach sheating to the rafters with nails. Shield the valleys using the flashing. Put the undercoating material above the surface. Finally, use the shingles for covering it.

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The Varieties of Four-Sided Roof

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This four-sided roof is available in several designs as well. Each of them offers the unique function and appearance to your abode.


The slight upper slope is almost invisible if you see them from the ground. As the result, you can find the dormer windows in its lower panel. They function to give a better ventilation, extra usable space, and light.


It features the steep angle on the lower slopes. Additionally, it curves inward and possesses the mansion-like quality.


On the other hand, the convex design comes with the outward curve on the bottom panel. Sometimes, it looks like the bell or letter S. It is mostly adopted on courthouses.

Modernized French Roof

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To make it more up-to-date, you can use modern materials which are more long lasting. Here are some alternatives for new building.
• Choose the interlocking roof tiles.
• Install solar panels on your roof.

Interiors of Mansard Roof

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This curb hip roof is not necessarily as your additional storage. Turn it into cozy and welcoming living space by adding these to yours.
• Fire alarms
• Area accessibility
• Ventilation

Mansard roof is not one-size-fits-all design. You have to consider your home structure, budget and natural environment. If you do not have any issue, then it is the right one for your abode.


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