Everything You Need To Know About Ranch Homes

When you hear the word “Ranch” it’s common to think of a salad dressing or a farm full of roaming cows and cowboys. However even though we’re discussing the ranch house style, all three evoke feelings of home and familiarity. Many people grew up in a ranch home and the thought brings warm memories about a childhood full of TV watching, Elvis listening and spaceship dreaming. But nowadays, ranch houses are so common that we pass right by them without a second glance.

While they might seem like nothing special, they do deserve a moment in the spotlight, if only to receive the updates and love they deserve. Here’s everything you need to know about ranch homes to get you started.

The ranch house first made it’s appearance in America in the 1920s, in California in particular. Inspired by the Spanish styles of the 19th century, these homes could be found on the working ranches of the west. With sprawling layouts, stucco walls and wide eaves, they were easily modified to fit their surroundings, creating a comfortable home for its inhabitants.

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Come the 1950’s, ranch style homes were nine out of ten new houses, taking the U.S. by storm. While they had some mixed styles based on regions like Colonial or Craftsman, they always kept the same basic ranch elements.

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