Everything You Need To Know About Spanish Decor

When you live in an extreme climate, every decision you make is based on one thing; survival. All your choices are narrowed down to practicality and necessity to give you the best life you can have in the harsh conditions. Think about the desert for example. Most of the buildings there are made from stone, dirt and clay because those are the materials readily available. Of course, the homes that come to mind are the Spanish style homes.

You’ll usually find them in hot dry places with cacti in the gardens and sun-warmed tiles on the roof, a perfect example of living in an extreme climate. Here’s everything you need to know about Spanish homes that might just convince you to move to the desert.

Spanish architecture was first seen in America in 1915 at the Panama-California Exposition in San Diego. Architect Bertram Goodhue designed a structure he called the California Quadrangle in Balboa Park. This example of stucco walls and red-tiled roofs went wild in the American West. Architects began constructing homes with these features all the way through the ’50s.

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