Gorgeous Farmhouse Kitchen Colors Ideas Look Amazing

Color will be a great idea to select the theme of your kitchen. The most common colors used in decorating kitchen in this certain style is red, blue, apple green, honey gold, beige, and white.

You can use of those colors or make a combination of two match colors. To tie the theme, you can use country theme border in your kitchen. You can find a lot of popular wall borders in the market with several attractive designs.

The most popular designs are including fruits such as apples, berries, floral baskets or country plates. Some designs such as stars and hearts are also quite popular as well. Or, you can choose a wall border with farm animal theme. Cows, horses, pigs, sheep or ducks will be perfect border design for your farmhouse kitchen.

In decorating the wall, you can simply hang weathered wooden signs in various sizes and colors. You can also hang vintage kitchen utensils or a wall pot rack complete with its hanging old pots and pans. Painting with rural or country scenes is also appropriate to be placed in this certain kitchen.

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For the furniture, you can choose table and chairs that are made of solid wood such as oak or pine. It will add the touch of traditional rural life in your kitchen. Surely, you can choose furniture in distinct splash of color such as red or blue.

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