How To Display Succulents: 59 Cute Examples


Succulents are so cute that I can’t help admiring them! If you love them as we do but don’t know how to display them, here’s a bunch of cool ideas!

Actually, these plants are unpretentious and don’t need much care, so you can plant them wherever you want: into glasses, jars, vases, bowls but it’s better not to take transparent containers as it’s bad for the roots. For a more refined look plant the succulents into vintage teacups or silver goblets, and for a rustic touch take wooden planters. Create a wall of planters, make a stand or suspend them to the ceiling giving a slight boho feel to the space. Potted succulents are great not only for décor but also as centerpieces and even for wedding décor.

You may display succulents outdoors, too, there are lots of stylish planters, bowls, buckets and other items to show off your plants. You can build a cement wall with lots of planters for a modern feel, or go for wire or wooden planters shaped in some creative way; use driftwood and logs as planters for succulents and add a natural feel to your space. Mix them with cacti and create your own jungle!

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