Ingenious Indoor Plant Decor Ideas with Tips

There are several reasons you ought to have plants in all room of your house. Not only do these plants add aesthetic value to your home, but they also are good for your health, since they get rid of toxins from the air. You will breathe in quality air and enjoy aromatherapy benefits like reducing pressure of the blood, adding quality sleep and calming the mind. It’s been proven in various scientific studies, plants are beneficial for minimizing stress levels.

Below are 6 essential tips on how to use plants to achieve green living.

The Right Type of Floor Plants

Before you have plants in your house, there are several factors you ought to put into consideration. First, make sure you have proper lighting in your space. The scale and size of the plant should blend well with your room. A 6” or 7” plant will be ideal for a lot of homes. A floor plant that is tall will be perfect for a loft and cathedral style ceiling. For smaller apartments, consider using floor plants are about 2” to 3” tall.

Why You Should Have Orchids

A significant number of people prefer to use green plants when decorating their houses. However, this is not the only option. All blooming plants, regardless of their color, come with aromatherapy and health benefits as I have just established. They give additional pop color to your home. Orchids are among the most preferred flowers by interior designers and stylists because of their bright silhouettes and engaging colors. Irrespective of where they are in your house, they will brighten it up.

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