Inspiring Cottage Dining Room Design Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a dining room, versus a dining nook in the kitchen, make the most of that space and deck it out in style.

While you will definitely host special occasions with friends and family in this room, if you make the decor stylish and inviting, you’ll want to use your dining room every day. And, why not? A home is for living, after all.

Take a dining room from drab to dramatic with beautiful color. Deep hues like burgundy red or sumptuous royal blue have an energizing effect conducive to lively dinner conversation and they lend an air of opulence and abundance. When searching for color inspiration, think about other furnishings that you have in the room as well as colors and patterns that are visible from adjoining rooms.

While your dining room can be more dramatic in color, you want the overall effect to be harmonious. If a piece of pottery, your dinner plates, a pink Depression glass water pitcher or a wall painting inspire you, then use that as your starting point when thinking about color.

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