Jewel Tones are Always Hot for Home Decor

Just as jewels make an outfit sparkle, vibrant jewel tones bring a dose of bling to home decor. These bright, rich hues will be trending in 2021 for home decor and whether you go for a few accent pieces or an entire jewel-tone colour scheme depends upon your taste.

Pantone picked a bold yellow hue for one of its 2021 Colors of the Year. It’s paired with a second colour this time around — Ultimate Gray – and the combo is a great example of how a jewel tone enlivens a neutral shade.

To go big and bold, opt for a bright, sunny sofa for a neutral room. It’s a sunny pop that’s the perfect pairing for the wallpaper, which has a grey background and a muted blue floral pattern. This particular room also demonstrates how darker accessories, like the various cushions and throw, go a long way in taming the boldness of the colour.

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