Kitchen Organization Tips from the Most Organized People on Instagram

The kitchen organization tips for the home can come in handy when you need a little extra space to move around when cooking. Many kitchens are cluttered with dishes and cups. The countertops are too big to reach, so the clutter piles up on the floor and even in other cabinets. You might find that you need some additional storage space. Follow some basic guidelines for organizing your kitchen to get things in order.

The Cookware Zone – If you plan on using a lot of pots and pans, keep them in the cookware zone. Placing pots and pans on the top shelf of cabinets will help keep them safe and out of the way. The Dish Zone – Keeps cooking liquids, cups, and dishes on the countertop or the shelves closest to the sink for easier access. The Seasoning Zone – Keeps spices and cooking oil in the same order as they are used. It means you will have a spot to store the spice rack while cooking and also a place to store the cooking oil and a spritz bottle for dipping foods. You may find it helpful to group pans by use so that you do not get confused about what type to use next. Also, placing the pans in this order can help you keep your dishes clean without scrubbing them after you eat.

The Storage Area – Make sure that you store your appliances and cleaning supplies in a remote place but close enough for easy access if you need it. For example, keeping large machines on the shelves is a good idea. You can also put boxes or baskets underneath your appliances to prevent them from getting knocked over in heavy storms. Lastly, if you are running out of a particular appliance item, remember to put it back in the chest until you need it again.

Next, consider the food preparation area. You want to make sure that it is clean and organized as well as possible. Your pantry and refrigerator should both be placed in an area where food items do not easily spill over. Keep any containers for cooking utensils out of sight, especially ones used with acidic items such as vinegar or lemon juice. You will need to label every box and take out all your ingredients and food whenever you use them. It helps if you also save the file serving containers separate from the rest of your kitchen storage.

When you organize your food, make sure that you schedule it right away. It will save you time, effort, and cash. Do not leave your knives out of reach or in a dangerous place for extended periods. If you are an activity in an area with moisture, you should keep the blades in a separate location away from your foods to avoid food scratches. Always be careful to clean up after yourself or others in the kitchen area to prevent accidents.

Remember that kitchen organization tips are just as important as the materials you use. By following these simple tips, you will find yourself out cooking and enjoying the process more.

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