List of Civil Engineering Project Topics

Are you a Civil Engineering Undergraduate looking for Project Topic Ideas, you are in the right place hun, below are list of past projects done by undergraduate:

[1] Effects of curing conditions on strength characteristics of sandcrete cubes made from sand-cement-Rice Husk ash mixes humid and sprinkling water curing – OLUWA Kazeem Olaposi

[2] Tensile and shear characteristics of laterized concrete – ADEYEFA, Paul Oluwole

[3] Effects of curing methods (Air cured and water cured) on the strength of sand-crete cubes made of sand-cement-rice Husk ash mixes – AYOOLA, Isaac Babatunde

[4] Strength characteristics of sandcrete made from sand-cement-Rice Hush Ash mixes. – OJEYEMI, Julius Akinola

[5] Strength characteristics of sandcrete cubes using cement, Rice-Hush Ash, and (1.18 – 0.85mm) Range sand. – KOYA, Taiwo Olufunso

[6] Design of an Auditorium Complex. – OSIDELE, Olufemi Olusola

[7] Design of flexible pavement: Case Study of Road 5A and 8 Obafemi Awolowo University Campus. – KOYA, Kehinde Olugbenga

[8] Bearing capacity of shallow foundations above a void. – SANNI, Hakeem Adesoji

[9] Design of a service static situated on a hilly topography. – BAJOMO, Adeolu Moses

[10] Effects of uplift and Lateral Loads on Buried Pipe. – OLALEKAN, Kamil Adekola

[11] Strength characteristics of sandcrete Blocks made from sand-cement-rice husks Ah mixes (using sand of Grain size 0.85-0.60mm) – AYODEJI, Olayemi Samson

[12] Thermal conductivity of Lateritic Blocks and Bricks. – OLOTU, Segun Jacob

[13] Standardisation of a locally fabricated pilot filter box. – ABE, Peter Babatope

[14] A survey of water supply systems in Anambra State. – CHIOKE, Ikechukwu Primus

[15] Strength characteristics of sandcrete blocks made from sand-cement-rice husks Ash mixes.

[16] Evaluation of Urban Parking System Case Study of Osogbo Central Business District. – ADEAGBO, Olatunbosun Nurudeen

[17] Design of post graduate Hall parking lot and its Access Road, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. – EZA, Peter Eche

[18] Stabilization of Expensive Soils using lime and common salt. – TEMEDU, Olufeyisitan Abiodun

[19] Survey of Water Treatment Plants in Ogun State of Nigeria. – SOLUADE, Timothy Adetunji

[20] A water pressure filter; Design Construction and Testing. – JEJE, Babatunde Lawrence

[21] Preparation and Testing of some Ferric slats for water coagulation. – LONGE, Adewemimo Saheed

[22] Design of a Roadway case study of Road 5A and Road 8 at Obafemi Awolowo University Main Campus. – AINA, Alexander Adebukola

[23] Design of Flexible Pavement Roadway; Case Study of Old Ede Road. – ABIOLA, Muniru Adejare

[24] Identification and analysis of Harzadous Locations on Ibadan-Ife Road. – Odeleye, Joseph Idowu

[25] Analysis of design of structures of CP 110. A computer implementation. – ADENUGA, Ademola

[26] Computer determination of open channel flow parameters. – OLANIPEKUN, Adedoyin Oluwatoyin

[27] The effect of rice husk ash on the strength chaacteritics of bricks made from clayey soil.- ODEYOMI, Isaac Oluwabunmi

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[28] Design of Interaction Traffic Signal Light at UNIFE Junction on Ife-Ibadan Road. – AKINTAYO, Bamidele Ilori

[29] A Review of Literature on the Bearing Capacity, Uplift capacity and creep of Foundations. – OBILADE, Ibukun Olubukola

[30] The effect of Rice Husk Ash-Cement Mixture on the Strength of Cylindrical Moulds made from Lateritic Soil. – ADEGBEMI, Felix

[31] Design of a Multipurpose Town-Hall with Steel Roof. – SADIKU, Thadius Dada

[32] Effect of Rice Husk Ash on the Strength Characteristics of Sandcrete cubes. – KUTI, Akinwande Adetokunbo

[33] Design of a Two-Storey Engineering Workshop – OMITIRAN, Johnson Bamidele

[34] Deisgn of a Residential Block of Flats. – AWOYEMI, Adekunle B.

[35] Design of a Four-storeyed 200-Bed Hospitals. – OLAWALE, Lagunju

[36] Design of a Two Storeyed Hotel. – AKINAWONU, J.A.

[37] Design of a Multi-storey Residential Blocks in Reinforced concrete to CP 110 and other related codes. – OYINLOLA, R.A.

[38] The effect of Rice Husk Ash on the Geotechnical Properties of a Lateritic Soil – RAJI, Saburi Atanda

[39] Effect of Rice-Husks Ash on Geotechnical Behaviour of Ile-Ife Residual Bush sandy soil. – OGBEIDE, Frederick Nosakhare

[40] Structural Design of an underground shopping complex. – ECHEM, Joseph Uchenna

[41] Design of an Administrative Complex consisting of three Blocks connected with communication segment. – EZENWELU, Forster Ofodile

[42] The Behaviour of an Artificially cemented-sand under static leading. – IRECHUKWU, George Emmanuel Chijioke

[43] Effect of Line on Geotechnical Properties and Behaviour of Lateritic Soil. – OLATINWO, Olaide Musiliu

[44] Structural Analysis and Design of a Library. – EZUGWU, Michael Ifenayi

[45] Structural Design of a Three-Storey Administrative Building. – SUULOLA, Olusola Olayinka

[46] Structural Design of Industrial Buildings (Breweries; Steel Factory and R.C. Office Block). – NJOKU, Charles Chukwuma

[47] Design of Lecture Theatre Complex with fover for a University. – MBONU, Casimir Chikatara

[48] Design of a Residential Block of Flats. – AWOYEMI, Adekunle B.

[49] Effect of Steel slag on the Geotechnical Behaviour of Lateritic Soil. – OBUNGE, Belemina Tubodieari

[50] Activated powdered Cow bones carbon for house hold water filter. – AWOSANYA, Lawrence Olubayo

[51] Effect of cement lime and Rice Husk ash on the strength of Cylinders made from lateritic soil. – AREMU, Eyitayo Olayinka

[52] Design of Industrial Administrative Building and production area. – ABIOYE, Joseph Adebunmi

[53] Evaluation of Urban Water Demand Univeristy of Ife Case Study. – GOBO-ABRAHAM, Ngeribika

[54] Design of a shopping compelx for the Ogun State Government at Abeokuta. – AKINOLA, Akeeb Akindele

[55] Structural Design of a Two-Storey Shopping Complex. – DUROSOMO, A. Olusegun

[56] The structural Analysis sand Design of a Bank with A Cylindrical Sheel Roof. – ADEOYE, Emmanuel Adetunji

[57] Studies on Single and Dual Media Filters. – OKE, Gabriel Akinbowale

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[58] Design of a sump on Ground and an overhead Tank for water supply of an industrial unit with various water heads. – ADENIJI, Ezekiel Olajide

[59] Evaluation of intersection control system in Urban Area. – OLANIYI, Fatai Kolawole

[60] Black Liquor from paper mill in soil stabilization. – AREMU, Kehinde Adetoyese

[61] Cost optimum Design of Doubly Reinforced Rectangular concrete Beams. – SALAMI, Asimi Tunde

[62] The effect of the University of Ife Oxidation pond Effluent on the water Quality of the Receiving Streams. – ONONOGBO, Henry Chinonyerem

[63] Design and construction of a Water pressure filter. – OLADEPO, Adetunji Amidu

[64] Analysis, Design and Detailing of a Two-Storey office Complex in Reinforced concrete. – ONWUKA, Paulinus Konye

[65] Effects of Cement, Lime and Rice Husk ash on CBN Characteristics of Lateritic soils.- OGBUO, Reginald Ikechukwu

[66] Design of an Administrative complex for the Ministry of Communication Lagos State. – OKIKIOLU, Olukayode Adebayo

[67] Effects of Cement-Rice Husk Ash Mixtures on some Geotechnical Properties of a Lateritic Soil. – ADETUNMBI, Kamoru Inaolaji

[68] Investigation into the effects of Leachates from a refuse disposal site on groundwater.- FALEYE, Olusola Ayobami & LAWAL, Bola Raphew

[69] Application of tracers in groundwater hydrology. – AKINTARO, Sunday Olutunde

[70] Mathematical modeling of pollutants’ migration in an unconfined aquifer. – OLUYEMI, Olanike Olawunmi

[71] Effect of corn husk ash and ‘kaun’ on the strength of lateristic soil – ADEGBOYEGA, Emmanuel Oluwole

[72] A legal growth in the Biological treatment of cattle waste. – SOMEFUN, Olutunji Tokunbo

[73] Effects of lime on the shear strength and electrical insulating properties of clay – ODUOLA, Rotimi Olumide OLUMILUA, Olugbenga Kayode

[74] Analytical investigation of sail-structures interaction. – SALAMI, Ganiyu Gbolagade

[75] Filtration studies on uncharged palm kernel shells. – ADEBOBOLA, William Ojo & WIM, Uzoma Leonard

[76] A study of some parameters affecting biogas production from anaerobic sludge digestion. – OGUNLEYE, Paul Olaniyi

[77] Effects of catchment materials and storage on the quality of rainwater. – OLADIJI, Eludipe Rasaki & OLANIYI, Rasaq Kolawole

[78] Strength moisture content relationship of African mahogany – OLADUMOYE, Kolawole Christopher

[79] Effects of dust content water-cement ratio and mix proportions on the workability of a laterized concrete. – OMOKANWAIYE, Olushina Abiodun

[80] Performance characteristics of laterized concrete in flexure. – OBAJIMI, Kehinde Adekunle

[81] Effect of aggregate size on the 28-days compressive strength of rice husk ash cement concrete. – NYAMALI, Martin Aderomo

[82] Effect of calcium chloride and sodium chloride on the early compressive strength of concrete. – OLADIPO, Afolabi Joseph

[83] An engineering survey of water supply systems in Akwa Ibom State. – INYANG, Etim (Junior)

[84] Further work on the development of a reinforced concrete pressure filter. – AKINTOLA, Taiwo Michael & PETINRIN, Akinola Tolulope

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[85]  A survey of water supply systems in Imo State. – AKUNEME, Terence N.

[86] An investigation of the replacement of sand with “Granite-Fine” in the Production of concrete. – ABODU, Adetokunbo Oluwatoyin & BAKARE, Olaseni Umar

[87] The effect of common salt on the compressive strength of concrete. – BUSARI, Ademola Olugbenga

[88] Design of Access Roadway flexible pavement to link Road 2 with the religious centre at the University of Ife Main Campus. – ORIBAMISE, Kayode Julius

[89] Design of a Multi-Storey Hotel Building. – BANKOLE, Olanrewaju Olubukonla

[90] Identification and analysis of hazardous locations on IfeIlesa road. – OYETADE, O. Oluropo

[91] Structural use of Bamboo in roof trusses. – JEKAYINFA Adebayo Adebiyi

[92] Design of a University indoor stadium. – EKU, Lawrence Ogbonnia

[93] The Design of a sport complex. – OLURANJO, Babafemi Oluseun

[94] Design of a reinforced concrete gangway with retaining wall. – ADEGBILE, Bamidele Adeniran

[95] Estimating Soil Hydraulic properties from texture data. – OLAIFA, Oluwasegun Isola

[96] Effect of rice husk ash on the strength characteristics of bricks made from laterite-clay mixtures. – ACRU, Eric Takim

[97] Durability of landcrete and laterite – cement mortar. – ADEWALE, Adetoyese Oladele

[98] Optimum rectangular short column. –  ADEGBOLA, Olatunde Johnson

[99] Design of a split level exhibition centre. – ATANDA, Aderemi Israel

[100] The reaction rate of the University of Ife oxidation pond and the effect of its affluent on the receiving stream. – AYINDE, Kolawole Lukman

[101] University of Ife campus parking study. – SALAU, Olugbenga Adebisi Buari

[102] Effects of creep on plain and stabilized lateritic baked materials. – FADIRE, Olagbaju Johnson

[103] Design and coordination of traffic signal lights at road 2/3 and road 2/4 intersections.- KEHINDE, Hezekiah Olawale

[104] Assessment of the quantity and quality of University of Ife wastewater effluent on Adefakin stream. – ODUNLAMI, Olatubosun T.

[105] The design of a secretariat complex. – OLADUNJOYE, Adegbemisola Babatumise

[106] An examination of thin concrete shells of double curvature as roofs in tropical regions. – OLOGUNAGBA, Idowu Boniface

[107] Construction of an 800 litre fibrocement circular water tank – AKINTOBI, Adetokunbo Ayodele

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