Purple Accents In Bedrooms – 78 Stylish Ideas


We’ve already told you how to decorate your bedroom with touches of blue and red, and now it’s time for the most mysterious colour – purple. It’s beautiful in all its shades from magenta to deep purple, and if the shade isn’t too tender, it may be used also for a masculine bedroom.

Choosing purple should be done carefully – bright purple is very intense, and deep purple can be depressing if you overdo it. Find out the amount of purple you want and how you will implement it.

Have a look at some examples – an accent wall is beyond competition, of course, and so are curtains, bed linen, bedspread and cushions. A purple accent wall is a cool idea when you are ready for changes but when not – go for easier changes like purple bedding, textiles, on the whole, purple lamps and purple nightstands, a purple bench or a chair – they can be easily swapped anytime.

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Very bright purple details look great together with black, dark grey or white and don’t look too colourful – it’s your bedroom and you need some relaxation here. An all-neutral room dotted with purple accents will look very chic and bold, too. Below you’ll find some examples of purple accents in feminine, masculine bedrooms and bedrooms for two – get inspired!


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