Role of a Mechanical Engineer on Construction Site

Mechanical engineering field covers every aspect of building design, from structural integrity to material selection, with both of these branches finding their place in engineering principles and engineering mathematics. Similarly, all machinery within the building is considered part of a mechanical engineers domain.

This includes HVAC equipment, the ducts and ventilation shafts that take off from output assemblies towards the different storey of the structure, and all of the associated pumps and pipes that tie these independent systems together.

On apportioning the mechanical components of an engineering firm’s project, the work is traditionally divided into planning stages and followed by the mechanical design phase, a process that leads to the incorporation of services into the construction process.

Mechanical engineer creates environmentally sound strategies. Natural light ambiance and natural ventilation is a key part of this plan, as is the innovative energy-saving features that include renewable energy resources. You’ll find engineers poring over biomass designs and geothermal options, with advanced strategies evolving from computer models.

Mechanical engineering covers a diverse selection of physical attributes when approached through the construction industry sector, but focus springs from the application of physics-derived problem solving techniques and a sound design strategy that’s born of intelligent analysis.

During the construction of the plant, mechanical engineers are responsible for the mechanical equipment and components within the plant. This includes vessels (tanks, reactors, pressure vessels, boilers), machinery (pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, packaged equipment), and piping.

In construction sector, Depending on your skill, you may be placed in Planning department, Material management, Construction Management, Site executive/supervisor, Sales and Marketing team or anything else by the company.

So it is upon your area of expertise or what you are given with, construction is not only limited to CIVIL engineer or ARCHITECTURES.

The role and responsibilities typically include:

  • To ensure the equipment is erected, pre-commissioned, tested (if required) and commissioned in accordance with agreed contracts. Coordination with equipment suppliers is important task during construction.
  • resolve with the suppliers, clients if there are any non-conformities noticed while discharging the above duties
  • The site engineer is responsible for the records of the tasks as above, which will be the basis for trouble shooting later and may also impact the warranty claims.
  •  In addition to the above mechanical engineers are also employed as planners, material control engineers, quality engineers, etc.
  • A mechanical site engineer supervises all installations of machines and equipments at site thereby ensuring fulfillment of industry standards and requirements.
  • He is also supposed to review the works produced by the design engineers and maintains necessary coordination with other discipline engineers for smooth flow of projects.
  • He will also review progress meeting and will inspect the machine components or other machineries.
  •  In short, he will be responsible for all activities involving man & machine at project site.
  •  Incoming Inspection – checking the dimensions of the incoming material (rather of the sample) to ensure that the material’s dimensions are within the permissible limits.
  • Air Conditioning – installing/planning the air conditioning systems of buildings (sans the electronics part) is the job of mechanical engineers.
  • Up-keep and maintenance of various machines used at the site.
  • As a mechanical engineer you have many roles in industrial manufacturing, industrial service sector, energy sectors and automotive sector.
  • Ensuring proper erection and alignment of pumps and turbine.
  • Execution and proper installation of their respective piping connection and quality analysis of joints. Making reports of everything and interact with clients. There are many other things which mechanical engineers do in construction of power plant and thermal projects.
  • And beside these mechanical engineers also plays role in many building’s/airport’s structure and there piping.


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Role of a Mechanical Engineer on Construction Site

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