The Floral Patterns Of Today And The Ways To Use Them In Home Decor

We finally reached a point when we’re giving florals a second chance. We know the kind of look like grandma’s furniture but we’re starting to see past that and to rediscover their beauty and charm. It’s a great thing since a floral pattern can fit in almost anywhere.

The trick is knowing how to use them to create the desired look and ambience. A look inspired by nature can take many different forms and floral patterns can be a big part of it.

Back in the 18th century when chintz was very popular, wallpaper started being the new way to decorate the walls. At that time wallpaper was expensive, being made of leather and silk. Today things are different. You can find wallpaper everywhere and it comes in all imaginable colours and prints. Floral patterns are just one of the options.

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