Unbelievable Primitive Houses and Bushwhack Ideas

Primitive Hut and Modular constructions have features that can provide insight into this issue. The Primitive Hut is a simplistic structure that utilizes repetitive elements. Modular construction does so as well, yet on a different scale. The task that could be to provide a synthesis of these two constructions, with the local materials available.

Primitive Hut is one of the most iconic architectural typologies in the profession. Marc-Antoine Laugier rejected the Baroque style and described architecture as deriving from three key parts: the column, the entablature, and the pediment. Using these elements, countries at various stages of development around the world can build simple forms of housing.

“Simplicity of design and the use of natural materials, what Laugier believes are architectural essentials, are familiar ideas that have been embraced,” by many of the lesser developed countries. Whether you need to improve a shelter after a disaster, or just want to run away to the wilderness, these primitive houses may be the answer to achieve your aims.

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Below are some great ideas you can learn from.

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