What You Need To Know About Victorian Style Homes

As you drive around the historic neighbourhoods of American cities and towns, you’ll see a lot of old houses. Big windows peer out at you, some with curtains and some without. Large trees will shade the front yard, kept and overgrown flowerbeds alike. There might be a young family drawing with chalk along the sidewalk or an old couple sitting on the porch swing. Or you might find missing shingles and chipping paint. But no matter what shape the houses are in these idyllic neighbourhoods, someone will inevitably tell you that these houses are Victorian.

At first, you might nod in agreement but have you never noticed how so many houses labelled “Victorian” look so dissimilar? There is a reason for that. It turns out that there is no one particular “Victorian style”! Homes built between 1840 and 1900 are called Victorian due to the time period but depending on the style, they also have another subcategory.

There are ten of these subcategories for Victorian homes so let’s peruse them one at a time. Then you’ll be able to give your friends the correct style of an old home next time you’re cruising through a historic neighbourhood.

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