Wonderful Open Concept Kitchen And Living Room Design Ideas

One of the most sought after living styles today is the open space concept with the living room, dining room, and kitchen prep area all in one large room.

With today’s lifestyles, this concept makes a lot of sense. Compare it with days gone by, where the cook was confined to the kitchen and the guests and family were elsewhere in the home.

Formal dining rooms are not the norm for today’s more casual dining; they are nice if you have a very large home with staff doing the cooking and serving, but this arrangement is not so common today.

The beginning of the open space concept may have begun with a pass-through from the kitchen to the dining room. The pass-through may have been revolutionary in its day, but it is a bit too closed in for today’s living.

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One of the first things most people have to decide when considering the removal of an upper wall, is the cabinetry on that wall and where to store what is in those cabinets. The same is true when considering removal of floating cabinets over an island or peninsula. It may be wise to open the cabinets, evaluate what is stored in them and determine where else the items can be stored.

You may even find a lot of things you considered “lost” because they were unseen and not easily accessible. The things you still need and use, albeit less frequently, can be stored in other cabinets. This exercise forces you to really access the items need to be in your home; so making careful choices is important.

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