Work In Coziness: 40 Farmhouse Home Office Décor Ideas

Continuing the theme of cozy décor ideas, and today we’ll have a look at farmhouse home offices. A farmhouse home office is a place, which will embrace you completely with its coziness, so you will work, work and work and won’t like to leave this space! Such a room is ideal to keep you focused and still let you feel cozy, homey and at ease – not too formal. How to pull it off right?

Yes, you want a farmhouse space but first of all, decide on the touches of other styles you want to add – will it be a vintage or modern farmhouse space? Would you like to have a French, shabby chic or industrial farmhouse office? In all these cases the decor will be slightly or very different.

Second, think of the colours you want, though neutrals and white are usually the colours for farmhouse decor, you may add bright touches or dramatic ones – bold storage units, art, decor or catchy desks.

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For a farmhouse space, you may want to clad all the walls, ceiling and floor with wood or beadboard, or go for a reclaimed wooden wall or ceiling for a cozy feel – these ideas are totally welcome. Now think of furniture and decor you may want – rustic furniture, cozy textiles, wicker baskets and planters, cozy storage – this is a perfect base for such a space.

You can add some touches of other styles with various decorations and accents like a lamp, a chair or a storage piece in the desired style and maybe in some contrasting colour or material. Pay attention to popular sphere-like chandeliers or just vintage ones and to industrial metal wall sconces, they will help to create a mood. Get the inspiring ideas below and create your farmhouse workspace!

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